Send and recive
parcels like never before


  • Pack your parcel
  • Go to your nearest parcel terminal
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Go and have some well-deserved fun!


  • The parcel arrives at the destination terminal
  • You will get an SMS with a barcode
  • You go to the terminal to collect your parcel
  • Everybody’s happy!


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    Problems with regular delivery and postal services


    Making you go the extra mile

    At PostNest, we know that the post office can often be located quite far away from you.


    Making you spend extra time

    At PostNest, we know that you don’t always have time to make it to the post office or plan your schedule around the delivery man.


    Making you deal with extra hassle

    At PostNest, we know that you don’t want to deal with extra hassle to have your delivery needs met.

    How PostNest is going
    to solve these problems


    Our goal is to be your closest delivery service provider

    PostNest knows that convenience is key. With that in mind, we’re determined to bring our service to the places you need it most. From your local gas stations and malls to universities and grocery stores, so you can send and receive your parcels on your way.


    With PostNest you are in control of your time

    We believe you should be able to send and receive parcels at your convenience. With most of our self-service lockers, you can send and receive parcels 24/7. Those inside malls and shops will be available during business hours which typically still exceeds post office hours. Our self-service parcel lockers are designed to put you in control of your time, making sending and receiving parcels a breeze, day or night.


    Our self-service lockers make sending and receiving parcels more convenient than ever

    PostNest self-service lockers are fully automated, making your experience fast and hassle-free. Have your online orders sent straight to the closest PostNest locker, and collect at your convenience. Not able to pick up your parcel? Our Last Mile Delivery service will deliver your parcel straight to your door at a time that suits you best. Need to send or return a parcel? Drop your parcel off to the closest PostNest locker, and have it quickly and conveniently delivered. It’s that easy!